Extremely hard goals don’t have to add unnecessary stress!


Yesterday was MONDAY!  ARGH! lol

Monday’s seem to be the worse as far as stress goes especially at work.  I had tried several times to post this blog and ended up not being able to do it due to my crazy schedule.

One thing that I found myself really thinking about when making my goals for the Extremely hard category was stress and how to handle it (and ultimately eliminate it).  While this seems so beyond my reach that it’s a joke, I am sure that even if I make a small simple effort to make it better, I can and will improve and simplify the stress in my life.

If you look at my goals, you’ll see they all pretty much revolve around stress–this is my worse area in my life.  I am very stressed, I hang on to stress, I take other people’s stress off of them and put it on myself knowingly (why do we do that anyways??) you get my point 🙂  Stress is probably one of the biggest areas in most peoples lives that needs to be simplified, minimized, and controlled.

So how can you make it to where this category doesn’t add any more unnecessary stress?  The answer is quite simple actually.  Be honest with yourself, be realistic, don’t put any unrealistic expectations on your goal list because you don’t want to set yourself up to fail, you want to set yourself up for success.  In doing this process, identifying your goals, you are only putting out there what you hope to gain by taking control of your life and these extremely hard areas in your life that you really want to see improve.

Your homework is going to be broken up in two parts.  The first part is obvious – write out your short term and long term goals for those areas that you identified as extremely hard.  Be honest and open with yourself, make realistic goals, and be content in knowing you are making one huge step in the right direction.

The second part of your homework is a little more difficult.  How many times have you lied to yourself?  How many times have you said to yourself “oh my life isn’t that bad, I’m in perfect shape, I have a huge nest egg, I have absolutely no stress and my health is the best its ever going to be”.  I don’t know a single person who has a perfect life that isn’t God, Himself!  What I want to you to do is some soul searching, find that area in your life you’ve been lying to yourself about.  Don’t tell me about it, don’t write it down, just acknowledge that it is there.  Once you acknowledge the lies you’ve been telling yourself, you will then be able to conquer that problem area.  It isn’t until you are true to yourself that you will be able to fully free yourself and start living your life more simplified.

A glimpse into a future post – Friday, November 1st will mark the beginning of our first ever Simplified Shonda Instagram Challenge.  If you do not have an Instagram account and want to participate in this challenge, please be sure to have an account created and ready for November 1st.  If you want to do a “test” photo, be sure to add #SimplifiedShonda in the description of your photo and I’ll be able to confirm you are ready to go.