What makes you happy?


Today your challenge begins. So what is the key to your happiness? Some of us know and some of us don’t know. It’s ever changing and varies daily.

The first thing we are going to conquer and simplify first is our attitudes.

Look for the things in life we overlook daily, simple things that make us happy. Don’t forget to document it on Instagram and use #simplifiedshonda

For my, today’s happiness is today marks the first day of National adoption day!

Today marks a new beginning as well and I am able to end my night extremely happy.

What about you?


Do you have the right attitude?


Attitude is everything…it can make or break your day.  The way you think, feel, react, it all depends on your attitude.  If you wake up in the morning grumbling, you are not going to have a good day.  Period.

How many times a week do you wake up and your first thoughts are “I don’t want to get up, I really don’t want to go to work, I’d much rather stay home!”?

If you are in the 0-2 times a week category, then kudos to you! You must live an awesome life!

If you are in the 3-5 times a week category, then you fall right there in with the “normal” range and will benefit from a simplified life.

If you are in the 6-7 times a week category, then it’s time you start taking control of your life immediately!

This week has been a roller coaster of emotions for us.  We are currently in the Foster to Adopt program and if you know anything about being Foster Care Provider’s you know that you must expect the unexpected and do so with a smile.

After a letdown this week, I allowed myself 1/2 a day to be emotional, to feel all the emotions that I held inside until I was ready to let it out.  Once I got it out of my system I gave myself a pep talk (yes, I did talk to myself and let me tell you, I needed that!).  I told myself it was time to put the things that are beyond my control out of my mind and get back to working on the things I can control (like my attitude).

This morning, I woke up (late I may add) and I said to myself, today is going to be a GREAT Thursday!  Guess what…just by starting my day off like that, I had an awesome day.  Sure I was around some negative people today, and I could have easily fallen into that attitude, but I refused to allow myself to do that.  I worked extra hard today to be happy, and to keep my good mood going.  In doing so, I’m very pleased with how today went, and I actually feel less stressed.  (Funny how that works).


For the month of November, we are going to work on the number one bad culprit in our lives — our ATTITUDE!

Your November Challenge is simple – Using Instagram, I challenge you to take a photo every day in November of something that crosses your path that makes you smile, or brighten’s your day.  This would be anything really, life’s little blessings that we tend to overlook because we have a negative attitude.

One sample may be a picture of the super cheeze it I found in the box of cheeze its.  This awesome cheesy goodness was four cheeze it’s in one (like they forgot to cut it apart!) simply awesome and brightened my day!

Maybe another sample would be a photo of perfect weather outside, or a good hair day, or a complete stranger smiling at you.  Get creative, open your eyes, and start seeing the happiness that truly is all around you.  Document it, don’t forget to add #SimplifiedShonda on your Instagram photo so we can all be there for each other and maybe in doing so, help out someone we don’t even know.

Start Tomorrow, November 1st.  We have so much to be Thankful for, just look around you…

Make time to stop and smell the roses or bake banana nut muffins


Yesterday you all wrote your lists and hopefully treated yourself!

Today is Saturday, the beginning of the weekend. To simply put it, the weekends are generally our busiest moments.

The old saying has always been take the time to stop and smell the roses but generally most people say they don’t have the time to do that. I challenge you to make time this weekend for something as simple as smelling roses and smile knowing for the few seconds it took to breathe in such a beautiful aroma you did something to make your day even brighter!

To help keep it more simpler this weekends homework is simple! MAKE time to stop and smell the roses or bake some banana nut muffins. I did both and today couldn’t be more simpler for me.

Enjoy your weekend and on Monday be sure to come back with your list for your next step in simplifying your life!