Digging Deep-Reflection


Digging deep – reflection for perfection improvement on specific areas of your life that need simplified.

If you don’t have your list nearby, take a quick moment to get your list that you made on Friday. Hopefully over the weekend you had time to reflect on your list.

Part of simplifying your life is not just listing the areas that need simplified but actually looking deeper into what it is that needs simplified in that area. It’s easy to say that you want to simplify your Health but it doesn’t really tell is specifically what about your health needs simplified.

Digging deep has shown me what in each area I feel I need to work on, improve and simplify in order to take control of my life.

*Attitude-less negativity, more positive thoughts, happiness
*Laughter-stop being so serious all the time!
*Time Management-3 meetings in one week after hours as well as a hectic overbooked weekend is not a reflection of good time management but is my current schedule. Work on this!!
*Health-eat right, rest, exercise
*Spirituality-pray more, get involved at church, reflection and praise time
*Romance-be an AWESOME wife!
*Motherhood-be a fun mom, care for others children as if they were mine (adoption/foster)
*work-stop stressing out! Get organized and stay focused
*Stress-when feeling stressed find alternate ways to react and deal with the stress
*Finances-Save more for rainy days
*Emotions-it’s ok to be emotional…but control it
*Reactions-not everything is a mountain so don’t make it out to be

Once you define exactly what in each area needs simplified it will put you on track for a more simplified life.

Your homework: pull out your list and next to it write down exactly what in those areas need simplified. Be thinking about what it is that will help you regain control in these areas and be truthful and honest with yourself. If it’s hard to admit even to yourself, it should be on the list. We all have areas in our lives that we aren’t happy with or are embarrassed about. You cannot “fix” that area if you don’t acknowledge a problem exists.

This is one of the hardest parts of the process because it is digging deep inside yourself but you are worth the time spent in reflection to regain control of your life.

Dig deep, write it out, and be thinking about these areas and what they mean to you.